When I brought Cooper home, I didn’t know how to care for a rabbit. I brought him home blindly and made several dietary and housing mistakes. Besides, the lack of information available abour caring for a rabbit and finding a veterinary that received exotics, made caring for him more difficult. I adopted Cooper for someone who had purchased him from a breeder, already had two dogs, and once they got pregnant, they realized a rabbit was too much. Thankfully, Cooper ended up in my care.

Unfortunately, rabbits are cute and cuddly, which makes them appealing to children. In my honest opinion, a rabbit should not be a child’s pet unless the parent is completely responsible for them. Rabbits are delicate and need to be handled properly; otherwise they can injure themselves. They require a healthy, balanced diet and ample space to run and jump in.

During the Easter holiday, rabbits are often given to children as gifts; most of the time these rabbits suffer terribly in the hands of children due to the lack of knowledge by the parents. There’s a big misconception surrounding rabbits, and pet stores selling them as starter pets does not help the cause.

These, and many more that you’ll learn throughout our website, are the reasons why I created this website. Throughout the years, I gathered information from veterinaries that cared for Cooper; from personal experience and other resources. I compiled all this knowledge into one place for easy access for you.

Please, weigh all the pros and cons when bringing a pet home. Do as much research as possible and make sure you’re ready to provide them with the proper care needed for a long and healthy life. Because with proper care, a rabbit can live up to 15+ years!