After adopting Cooper in June of 2010, I realized the importance of educating yourself before bringing an animal home. And thanks to him I learned so much. It was a trial-by-error process at the beginning for both of us, but I dedicated my life to educating myself so that I can provide him with a great life. Thankfully, all the knowledge I gained with him has helped me care for MINI. However, his sweet and easy-going nature did not prepare me for a female rabbit!

Here’s some information on Cooper and MINI!


C o o p e r

(12/05/2009 – 05/21/2019)

  • DOB – December 5, 2009
  • Breed – Netherland Dwarf (pedigree)
  • Gender – Male
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs, approximately 1.10 kilos. Throughout, his life he maintained the same weight.
  • Altered – Cooper was neutered on August 17, 2012, a few months shy of turning 3 years old. Originally I didn’t want to neuter Cooper. But after being sprayed with uring three times, I realized it was time too.
  • Diet – To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t eat hay until February 2018. Hay was always available to him, but he preferred not to eat it. In February 2018, during a vet visit, Dr. Santiago Diaz (Exotic Animal Hospital of Orlando) gave us a sample of hay he received from Oxbow – surprisingly he ate it. He gave us a large box to take home and thankfully Cooper gave in. Besides hay, his diet consisted of Oxbow Rabbit Food. Since Cooper was such a challenge when it came to food, he took Oxbow Natural Science Urinary Support and half of Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support Hay Tabs. I’m very thankful, that throughout his life Cooper never suffered from GI stasis, even with the lack of hay.
  • Enclosure – Cooper did not live in a cage. At the beginning he roamed freely but still had an enclosure of his own. Once we adopted cats, Cooper had full range of his room and a 6 ft by 4 ft enclosure.


  • DOB – March 28, 2018
  • Breed – Netherland Dwarf
  • Gender – Female
  • Weight – 2.1 lbs, approximately 1.10 kilos, give or take. Sometimes she packs winter fluff.
  • Altered – MINI came spayed from the shelter I adopted her from
  • Diet – Tons of hay! She’s the opposite of Cooper and munches on hay all throughout the day. She also gets 1/3 of pellets which she nibbles at throughout the day. At night time, she gets a bowl of fresh greens.
  • Enclosure – Same as Cooper had. She took over his room, and our hearts. 
    Throughout the years I met some amazing people through his social media platforms and created the group Bunnies Worldwide on Facebook, join us!