Rabbit Proof

Rabbit Proofing Your House

Protecting your home is a very important part of bringing a rabbit home. They are notorious chewers, some more than others, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to protect your home. Here are a few tips, it’ll keep you sane and your rabbit out of trouble.

  • Wires – Rabbits love to chew wires, all sorts of wires, so you’ll need to protect them. Plastic tubing is available from most hardware or electronic stores, or you can buy spiral cable wrap at IKEA. You may find that taping the wires against the wall will be sufficient and won’t require any additional protection. Keep in mind that rabbits are small and can get into small spaces, so make sure to check all around your home for loose wires.
  • Corners – Rabbits are notorious for chewing, it’s in their nature as their teeth never stop growing and chewing is their way of wearing them down. Because of this, you’ll need to observe them at first to see if they’ll chew items throughout the house. You’re best bet is to buy chew toys for rabbit, it’ll keep them entertained and will wear down their teeth.  If your rabbit decides your walls are tastier, you can purchase hard plastic corner protectors from any hardware store and affix to that spot.
  • Furniture – Like previously mentioned, they are notorious for chewing and may cause some harm to furniture if they find it appealing. You can try setting chew toys in the areas they tend to chew or spray it with vinegar to deter them from chewing your furniture.   What worked with Cooper was spraying perfume around the areas he chewed or rubbing baby soap on those areas. The smell deterred him from chewing on my baseboards, which was his weakness.
  • Carpet – Rabbits also like to chew carpeting and will occasionally even chew through furniture cushions to get to the foamy interiors. These materials can cause serious gastrointestinal upsets and even blockages that can be life-threatening. Monitor rabbits closely when expanding their territory into your rooms in the house to make sure they do not indulge in any of these inappropriate chew toys.
  • Plants – Houseplants are often viewed as a salad bar by curious rabbits. However, many common houseplants are toxic when ingested and can expose bunnies to pesticides and fertilizers. Ideally, all houseplants should be kept out of reach, Meet your rabbit’s salad requirements by providing plenty of hay an fresh greens.