CCooper the Pooper - Grey Netherland Dwarf Rabbit - Sitting by a tree with teal and black sunglasses

When your rabbit is cooler thank you!

Recently I had an amazing opportunity, I was interviewed by The Dodo. They wanted to learn about Cooper and how he came into my life.
At the beginning of February I had a video interview with Andrei Alupului from The Dodo, we chatted a bit about Cooper and how he came into my life. He learn a lot about my struggles with his diet and how he earned his moniker, Cooper the Pooper.

We chatted for about half an hour, Andrei had more than enough information to get him started with the video. I supplied them with a few images but he gathered as much content as possible from my social media platforms. He did an amazing job gathering, combining and editing all the content. I was quite impressed with the end results.

It went live yesterday on their Facebook page and I am amazed at how well it’s done. Even more, at the positive feedback I’ve received from hundreds of people from around the world. Everyone seems to be so grateful at the hard work and dedication I have invested over the years. It was a struggle for me at first, he was a difficult rabbit to care for, but this motivated me to create this website. I wanted to gather as much information as possible and share it with others. I knew there had to be other human’s going through the same difficulties with their rabbits. I now know I am not alone. I receive emails from people from around the world thanking me for helping them through my website, they ask for my advise and tips on how I’ve kept Cooper healthy. As much as I love helping others, I always remind people to first contact their veterinary as they are more useful than me. I just share what I’ve learn throughout the years, but it has always been with the helping hand of our vets.

If you haven’t seen the video, here it is, hope you enjoy! Click here –> The Dodo